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Importance of Inpatient Program for Addiction Treatment in New Jersey

Inpatient or residential treatment programs help treat severe substance abuse issues in individuals. They provide 24/7 medical stabilization. At Reconnect Recovery Center, we offer Inpatient treatment because it can be extremely helpful for an individual who wants more intensive care to recover from drug addiction. Inpatient treatment contains various treatment plans that may involve psychiatric assessment, group therapy, and medical support.

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Do We Accept Insurance?

Yes, at Reconnect Recovery Center, we accept all state-funded and private insurance so you can focus on getting better without worrying about finances.
Reconnect Recovery Center

Addiction Treatment In New Jersey-Addiction Plans That Fit Your Needs

Seeking Addiction Treatment in New Jersey has been made easier with Recconect Recovery Center, as we offer many different programs. Some successful treatments methods that may help in long-term recovery include:

1) Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment requires hospitalization. It allows patients to get complete treatment without any stress from everyday life. With Inpatient Addiction Treatment in New Jersey, individuals can relax and surround themselves with positive energy. Inpatient treatment requires an individual to dedicate 24/7 to a rehab where they will be monitored and guided at each recovery step. 

2) Medication-Assisted Treatment

This treatment uses FDA-approved medications that help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms from opioids, alcohol, and other substances.

3) Detox Treatment

This short-term program helps individuals safely and comfortably detoxify from drugs or alcohol under medical supervision.

4) Targeted Therapy (CBT & DBT)

These evidence-based types of psychotherapy assist people in changing negative attitudes and behaviors that lead to substance abuse.

5) Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

This program provides a comprehensive treatment that deals with drug abuse and co-occurring mental health problems.


Reconnect Recovery Center

Inpatient Addiction Treatment In New Jersey- Why Choose Recconect Recovery Center

At Reconnect Recovery Center, we offer tailored treatment programs for your specific needs and goals. We acknowledge that everyone is unique and requires a different approach.  Because of this, we evaluate your psychological, emotional, physical, and social circumstances and build a treatment plan specially designed for you. Our highly trained staff is committed to giving you the best treatment. We deliver evidence-based addiction and co-occurring disorder treatments. We have a comfortable and safe environment that promotes healing and wellness.

Reconnect Recovery Center

How To Get Started With Us

Are you struggling with addiction and looking for addiction treatment in New Jersey but do not know how to get started? Don’t worry; we got your back. Simply follow these steps and start addiction treatment in New Jersey at Recconect Recovery Center: 

1) Research treatment facilities

Research and compare treatment facilities that offer care that suits your lifestyle. Look for licensed and accredited programs with a good reputation.

2) Make a call and speak with admissions counselors.

Call the Inpatient rehab of your choice and discuss your history of taking abusive drugs. Discuss in detail the kind of treatment that the rehab offers. 

3) Verify your insurance

Check with the addiction treatment rehab in New Jersey to see if they accept your insurance and what portion of the costs will be covered. Discussing finances before starting addiction treatment is best to avoid any problems. 

4) Make an appointment 

Schedule an appointment with the addiction treatment center in New Jersey to begin the intake process. 

5) Prepare for treatment 

Before starting treatment, make necessary arrangements such as arranging time off work, arranging for child care, or making travel arrangements if necessary. Make sure that you are fully committed to getting sober and ready to change and make some sacrifices. 

6) Begin addiction treatment in New Jersey and Get a Better

Begin the addiction treatment program as recommended by the treatment facility. Be open and honest with the staff, and participate fully in the program. Be patient, and you will see positive results in no time. 

Understand that addiction recovery is a journey, and achieving long-term sobriety takes time and effort. The most important thing is to get started and seek professional help from qualified addiction treatment providers. At Reconnect Recovery Center, our DEA-certified addiction specialists are there to assist and provide never-ending support as you embark on this journey. Call us now to schedule your appointment. 

We're here to help

We know reaching out can be hard. Call today to speak with one of our recovery specialists. We will listen, learn, and offer support – without judgment. We welcome every person in need of support.

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