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Help Hotline for Addiction: How Helpful is it?

help hotline addiction

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Help Hotline for Addiction: How Helpful is it?

Drug and alcohol addiction adversely affects the lives of not only the users but also their loved ones: family, friends, coworkers, and well-wishers. This, in turn, negatively affects society and lifestyles for future generations.

But there is hope in the form of our Help Hotline for Addiction. Just dial 866-321-1553

and talk to our professionally trained personnel at Reconnect Recovery Center. Their guidance and advice will be your first step toward total recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

The Need for a Help Hotline for Addiction

Drug addiction is considered taboo in all the world’s societies. Drug addiction indeed needs to be discouraged. The reason for doing so is that nothing good ever comes from it. The social stigma attached to it may have saved lives from being ruined by drug addiction, but this led to another big problem: people who became the targets of this monster of drug addiction found it hard to escape from it. This was because they could not bring themselves to admit that they had taken some substance and become addicted to it. 

Having substance use disorder can be kept secret, but going to a rehabilitation center to get rid of the problem leads to people knowing that you did drugs in the first place. This is where the same society that protects many people from falling into the trap of addiction becomes an obstacle in the path of those who want to escape the trap. In such a scenario, a help hotline for addiction is the best option. The person with substance use disorder can dial 866-321-1553 on their phone and contact a professional who guides them through all the choices available. Not only this, but the help hotline for addiction can be used by friends and family of the concerned individual. The healthcare professional at the other end can provide all the information that you need and clear any ambiguities that you have. On top of this all, the best part is that all this help can be obtained from the comfort of your home.

Are you thinking about calling a help hotline for addiction? Call 866-321-1553 now!

Merits of the help hotline for addiction:

  • Toll-free
  • Confidential
  • Anonymous
  • Accessible to anyone and everyone

Reconnect Recovery Center has a help hotline for addiction that is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Feel free to call 866-321-1553 at any time of the day or night!

Salient Features of the Help Hotline for Addiction

First and foremost, with people with drug addiction trying to save every cent for buying their substance, they need not worry about spending money to talk over the help hotline for addiction. This service is provided to you for free. Secondly, you can choose not to disclose your identity while discussing addiction with the professional on the help hotline. This is because calling a help hotline for addiction does not mean you have formally begun a rehab program. 

Call the best help hotline for addiction in town by dialing 866-321-1553. We are waiting for you to get into rehab so that we can accompany you on your journey toward sobriety.

Moreover, even if you tell the healthcare counselor who you are, you need to be mentally relaxed, knowing that calls to a help hotline for addiction are confidential. We will help you out with all your queries about recovering from substance abuse disorder without sharing your personal information with anyone. Another point to be noted is that the person with a drug addiction does not need to call the help hotline for addiction themselves: a friend or a family member can make the call and speak on their behalf.


Please beware that calling a help hotline for addiction during emergencies such as a drug overdose is not an option. For emergencies, call 911 immediately. Drug addiction hotline services have not been designed to deal with emergencies. 

Cost of Rehab

Rehabilitation requires a lot of hard work from the person going through it and the healthcare providers. In most cases, an entire team of professionals has to look after an individual instead of just one clinical worker working with one client. Then, only a dietitian can decide the right diet plan for getting rid of addiction to a particular substance. The idea of not only prevention but also of cure of different conditions and diseases by maintaining a healthful and balanced diet is rapidly spreading in the US. In addition, the client receiving rehabilitation treatment for drug addiction needs physical training as well. All of this cannot be done without sufficient amounts of money. This is why drug addiction rehab is a costly treatment process.

Worried because drug rehab seems to be out of reach for you? Reconnect Recovery Center is always there for you! Call our help hotline for addiction at 866-321-1553 and leave the rest to us.

Health Insurance

The high cost of rehab should not be a reason for you to drop the idea of engaging in the treatment process. Fortunately, if you have health insurance, it might help you to collect some information about whether:

  1. Your health insurance policy covers the cost of drug addiction rehabilitation.
  2. Your health insurance policy is acceptable at Reconnect Recovery Center.

RRC welcomes clients with public and private sector health insurance policies. The option of getting back to sobriety with the help of health insurance is definitely grand. Please fill out our insurance coverage form and verify your insurance.

Why Choose Reconnect Recovery Center? Rehab Services

Help Hotline for Addiction: How Helpful is it

Reconnect Recovery Center is an inpatient rehab center for alcoholism and various substance use disorders. If you want to consult a professional healthcare provider about your disorder but do not wish to visit our facility, 866-321-1553 is your help hotline for addiction which will put you or your loved one suffering from substance use disorder on the road to recovery. We provide treatment for addiction to alcohol, opioid, meth, and cocaine, to name a few drugs. The treatment process includes cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, group therapy, and individual therapy.

Therapy Programs

CBT tries to determine what thoughts and behaviors drive drug addiction in an individual.

DBT tries to replace negative behavior patterns with healthy ones.

Group Therapy helps the individual with drug addiction connect with people who understand and relate to what they are going through with substance use disorder.

Individual therapy is a one-on-one program between a drug addiction professional and their client.

You need not worry about which type of therapy is right for you because that is our job. Just give us a call at 866-321-1553 and trust us to help you escape from the clutches of drug addiction.

Our Locations

Reconnect Recovery Center already does or soon will operate in the following locations:

  • New Jersey
  • California
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Florida
  • Maryland
  • Virginia
  • Washington

Head to our rehab facility that is nearest to you and start your journey towards sobriety with the Reconnect Recovery Center. Another option available to you is to call our help hotline for addiction, 866-321-1553, and let us guide you on your path to leading a normal life free from substance use disorder. 

If you or someone you love struggles with drug or alcohol addiction, you’re not alone. Your recovery is possible. Call The Recovery Center today to learn about our inpatient programs located at facilities across the country. Our caring representatives can answer your questions about addiction and the rehab process, and calling is free and confidential.

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