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Inpatient Drug Rehab in California provides patients with a great deal of flexibility and independence in terms of scheduling and addiction treatment. Patients enter our Drug Rehab in California for treatment and are then free to go and go about their business. This enables people to manage their addiction treatment as well as their obligations concurrently. There is no better time to get drug addiction treatment than right now. Quit drugs immediately and start living a happy life. Please do not hesitate to contact Recconect Recovery Center; we would be delighted to assist you in living a healthy lifestyle. Call now at 866-321-1553.

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What We Offer At Our Drug Rehab California

The first step towards recovery is acceptance. By accepting the problem, you open yourself up to the possibility of recovery. However, it is not easy. Nonetheless, we got you. We are here to help you. We have faith in you regardless of how severe the case may be. We are determined to not only help you but also create a new lifestyle. The moment you step through our doors, we embrace you. We offer a safe and supportive environment where you can heal and grow. Moreover, we offer a wide range of treatments so that you are best looked after. These include therapies and round-the-clock care, we provide you with the treatment best suited for your unique situation.


Medication-Assisted Treatment is an excellent treatment choice for people with severe symptoms. During the MAT program, doctors combine medications and behavioural therapies. Medications(Methadone, Naltrexone, etc) can help relieve the pain of withdrawal symptoms. It can also fast-track the recovery process. Meanwhile, behavioural therapies(CBT, DBT) used during MAT will teach patients how to manage triggers and overcome cravings. 

Dual Diagnosis

People who suffer from severe drug abuse may develop mental illness over time. Dual diagnosis is an effective treatment for patients that may have undealt mental health issues. This treatment treats both mental health issues and drug addiction simultaneously.

Inpatient Rehab

Some patients may have daily responsibilities in addition to their treatment. This treatment is perfect for such individuals. During an Inpatient rehab doctors offer 24/7 supervision and guidance. 

Partial Hospitalisation

Some patients may require extensive care for their cases. Partial hospitalization offers a well-structured program for patients that need it the most.

Medical Detoxification

Detox is a vital step in addiction treatment at our Drug Rehab in California since it is the first stage. During the procedure, the patient withdraws from the illicit substances in order to cleanse their body and drain it out. Detox may also be an extremely difficult procedure since some people experience physical pain and severe withdrawal symptoms. This procedure entails medical aid and close supervision. The detox period might last anything from a few days to a few weeks. The length of time a patient stays in the detox phase of therapy is determined by the severity of the condition.

Reconnect Recovery Center

Got Insurance?

Drug addiction treatments tend to be costly. However, at our Drug Rehab in California, we aim to make the journey to recovery as accessible as possible for you. To make this possible, Recconect Recovery Center accepts insurance coverage from all private and state-funded providers. Finances shouldn’t keep you from seeking help. Everyone deserves to lead a fulfilling life. By accepting insurance, we wish to help as many people as possible. Even if you don’t have insurance, we accept out-of-pocket.

Reconnect Recovery Center

Drug Rehab in California- Let Recconect Recovery Center Help You

We understand the curse of drug addiction and its negative effect on mind and body. We also understand that you want to get rid of it. Though it is a tough decision and that is why we are here. You are not alone in your journey and we won’t let you be. We have a team of doctors and experts that are determined to help you. For this reason, they are constantly monitoring your recovery. The techniques and treatments we use are evidence-based and qualitative. We offer the following FDA-approved medications:

  • Methadone
  • Naltrexone
  • Buprenorphine

So, why wait? Schedule appointments at our Drug Rehab in California and transform your life. Your one decision today has the potential to completely flip your future for the better. Call now at 866-321-1553.

We're here to help

We know reaching out can be hard. Call today to speak with one of our recovery specialists. We will listen, learn, and offer support – without judgment. We welcome every person in need of support.

Reconnect Recovery Center

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